Due to recent concerns pertaining to COVID-19, by both vendors, and patrons of the Ottawa Street Farmers’ Market, The Crown Point Farmers Market Executives have made the difficult decision to suspend activities in the Market for the duration of the Garden Market Session effective April 18th. We will reassess the situation May 25, 2020 with a tentative opening date for the Harvest Market Session, keeping in mind recommendations from the City of Hamilton and the Province of Ontario.

With the critical shortages of cleaning supplies and personal protection items such as gloves and masks as well as the need for many more people to be employed by the market to ensure social distancing, we feel we can no long ensure the safety of our vendors, customers and staff. Furthermore, we’ve  been paying close attention to various patrons not following basic social distancing in the Market, and we feel that with the larger amount of vendors that were about to come in, this would only get worse.

This was not a decision we made lightly and we understand that it will be a great inconvenience to those who would be attending the Garden Market Session both as vendors and patrons, however we feel we need to err on the side of caution at this time.

We have compiled a list of our vendors that were to set up in the Garden Market for you to contact directly during this time. That can be accessed here.

Stay safe and healthy, and we will be back stronger than ever!

Melanie Anderson
Chair, Crown Point Farmers Market